About - Lightmeadow Creations

The Birth of Lightmeadow Creations

Several years ago I started my journey of making dream catchers inspired by my divine guidance! They wanted me to be creative, to get that spiritual process flowing through creativity. It's in the process of being creative we go into a meditative state of mind that is very healing and releasing. I needed to first heal myself before I could continue forward. When I first started to make them I made them for my family and friends. It was such a rewarding and enjoyable process I couldn't stop making them! Making dream catchers is a spiritual process. It's a healing and protective energy work you put into them. When I make a dream catcher I get a "feel" of the person I'm making it for, colors, sometimes animals, numbers, etc. come forward. I then put that healing energy, reiki, our Creator's bright white light into the dream catcher and extend that to others. I enjoy and use all types of materials that are available to me when I make my dream catchers! I see it as my paints and canvas...

I wanted to extend that healing, protective energy out to others and in all of the products I sell today!

Love and Many Blessings,
Dane' Anderson